Today’s log is brought to you by the Aft Port watch. Yesterday we were able to start our “aloft” training. We started with our assisted climbs (Liz, James and Charlie) on the Main Mast and self- ascending for Sarah and Alan on the Fore. Instruction to the rest of the climbers was interrupted by a radio request for assistance for a RIB that has lost engine power. We took in all our sails and motored towards the scene but the local lifeboat was first on the scene and we were ‘stood down’, but thanked for our willingness to respond. We then anchored and had a delicious lunch courtesy of Fred in the galley. After lunch we finished our training and approx. 25 voyage crew and volunteers climbed on both masts and some even managed to go out on the Lower Tops’l yard, with age and ability being no barrier. Later in the afternoon we were able to weigh anchor and motor into Dartmouth under the gaze of both locals and tourists alike. Shore leave was then the order of the day and in small groups we made our way into town. Unfortunately, we soon realised that nearly all the restaurants close on a Monday evening! However, we all managed to get some food and drink and we all had a great time.

This morning dawned wet and grey and as soon as we had the Pilot on board we set off for the channel. We then turned up channel and under a lovely breeze on our starboard quarter the clouds rolled back and we are now in lovely sunshine making our way towards an evening anchorage. We have seen dolphins this morning and again this afternoon and we were also able to spot a lone Sunfish this morning.

We are all looking forward to another couple of days sailing before we come ashore on Thursday.

Best Wishes to all from Aft Port watch (Mike T, Liz, Ruth, Jean, Jamie, Steve, Pete and Chris)


(image credit @Julie_by_the_sea)