The Jubilee Sailing Trust routinely partners with a wide range of organisations (businesses, charities, foundations educational establishments and governments) to deliver its mission. By working collaboratively with partners, JST is able to:

  • Raise greater awareness of our work and reach new audiences
  • Access hard-to-reach communities and individuals that might benefit from our mission
  • Provide greater impact to our beneficiaries
  • Create sustainable sources of funding

The Jubilee Sailing Trust looks at each partner individually and builds a custom programme of work that meets their needs and maximises the potential of our collaboration. We have delivered multi-year, international projects with discerning international businesses and small projects that involve a few individuals, in a single location and day.

To learn more about partnering with the JST, choose the organisation type that interests you the most:

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

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Partnering with charities

Partnering with charities

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Partnering with schools, colleges and universities

Partnering with schools, colleges and universities

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Our approach to partnership

  • Beneficiary centric
    • Our beneficiaries are not only those people who are living with disability, but people whose view on life and inspirations we have improved
  • Cost effective
    • Full cost recovery and transparency around costs and contributions
  • Flexible
    • We will work with you to design a programme to suit you, your organisation, your customers & suppliers, your social responsibility programme and PR  
  • Collaborative & reliable
    • Dedicated partner team
    • Executive oversight
    • Strong partnership methodologies & toolkit
    • Relationship support
    • Project management
  • Impactful
    • We can provide you with testimonials from a vast array of different participants, from all walks of life and measure the impact upon your beneficiaries.
  • Supportive
    • Beneficiary support – we are here to help you, help yourself, help us in providing life changing experiences to many more beneficiaries