We are a team of 6 riders today for cyclists in #RaceTheShip, another hot day and 48 miles ahead!

Lunch time for #TeamCyclists, 33 miles into our 48 daily target, but over half way (107 of the 185 total miles)!!
Today has the most hills, and it has been HOT (did we mention that already?). The team are charging through, but are now going to take a few hours off to avoid some of the heat (and let the ship catch up).
So far, things that were expected to hurt (knees, elbows etc) aren’t hurting, but other things are! We’ve had brambles and nettles and the stretch of cycle path alongside the A12 was utterly horrendous with broken glass everywhere and lots of roadside debris (hence the second puncture of the trip, 10 miles in).
However, the Suffolk countryside is beautiful and all the team are enjoying themselves (and now lunch).

The team of 7 are sat in a pub garden, under a gazebo, having lunch.

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