16th June, 2023 – Press Release from the challenge mastermind team:

Jubilee Sailing Trust Launches ‘Race the Ship’ Challenge – An Uplifting Call to Arms for Inclusivity, Teamwork and Adventurous Spirit

In a captivating display of unity and endeavour, the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is excited to announce the launch of its new and exhilarating ‘Race the Ship’ challenge. This high-spirited initiative seeks to raise £52,000 in vital funding for the dry docking and maintenance of S.V. Tenacious: the vessel by which we deliver our mission at sea. We invite you to lend your support and join us on a human-powered journey from Great Yarmouth to London.

The ‘Race the Ship’ challenge is an empowering sequel to the successful ‘Pulling Together Up Snowdon’ challenge in 2022, which raised an amazing £20,700. This unique relay event, running from the 8th to the 12th of September 2023, invites a mixed-ability team to race the crew of S.V. Tenacious, propelled by ‘any (human-powered) wheels’. Pedal-assist e-bikes are welcome, ensuring the event remains #AccessibleForAll.

This extraordinary challenge is not merely a race, but a testament to the boundless spirit of inclusivity, community, and collaboration. Regardless of abilities or circumstances, there is a place on our team for everyone. This endeavour truly embodies our ethos, #BringingOurMissionAshore

The ‘Race the Ship’ challenge commences on Friday 8th September from Great Yarmouth, South Quay, and culminates on Tuesday 12th September at London, West India Docks.

To learn more about the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s ‘Race the Ship’ challenge, visit https://jst.org.uk/racetheship.

For over 43 years, the JST has broken down barriers and celebrated the strength of human spirit and potential. In that time, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming more than 56,000 people onboard. Our unique mission and commitment to inclusivity has been recognised globally, even by the United Nations.

Join us as we sail towards a world that truly values the abilities and contributions of all. Be part of this transformative journey, be part of ‘Race the Ship’.

Check out the taster video here!