The Real Pirates of the Caribbean – all profits raised to the JST

A perfect stocking filler – £3.50 plus Postage and Packing

A book full of short accounts of what real pirates and their life was really like – according to contemporary records.  Read about Black Sam Bellamy, Prince of Pirates, Calico Jack Rackham and Ann Bonny

coverEmail the sales team at the JST identifying how many copies you would like, and we will do the rest! to order.

The JST would like to thank everyone involved in the development and production of the Real Pirates of the Caribbean.  Researched, compiled and written by Brian Hackett.  Martin Bull designed the printed book. kindly provided the cover illustrations. Martin Bull and Roger Fallow spent much time editing and proof reading who was greatly supported by the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire branch of the JST who raised funds for the production of the book.