Going aboard the Lord Nelson was nerve racking. Going to another country away from my life at home alone was daunting. Getting on the ship everything was new I had never been on a tall ship before. It was the best thing I have ever done. I met some amazing people and made some really good friendships with people I wouldn’t usually make friends with. The experience was amazing and one I will keep with me forever. The whole experience took me out of my comfort zone.

Back home I wasn’t happy and always had to know what was going on around me and I always had to be in company of friends or family looking back now I was very co dependant. The journey took me away from all that and gave me confidence to be part of a team with people I had to get to know. Doing the leadership at sea I was given the chance to take lead on watch several times and sail setting. I found I wasn’t good at taking lead but towards the end I improved.  Sailing with people you didn’t know before for such a long time showed me who I was I guess I found myself without sounding too cheesy!

Now I’m home and I’m back into the nitty gritty I can tell I have a broader outlook on life I have goals and for once I can see a bright future ahead of me.