My personal impression of these voyages is one of complete and total awe so many of us today go in search of the limitless creature comforts modern resorts offer us today, yet so relatively few search for that trip which stays with them for the rest of their life and gives them an adventure that challenges them in ways they’ve never been challenged. Aboard I saw a man who suffered two massive strokes climb the rigging with his wife staring on, it not only stirred her, it stirred me. This man was told he’d never speak again and was unlikely to walk, what a triumph of adversity! I hold him in the highest of esteems as someone whom I can chat with on the most challenging of subjects and someone who thrived under such adversity. Not only this man but aboard you see the progression and change which happens in people blossoming in front of you.

To see people leave a voyage permanently changed is an amazing exhilarating experience because deep down you know you’ve changed too. Importantly however you learn to treat people with a disability of any kind caused by anything with respect. People in wheelchairs, and disability for me I know used to be a part of the population you’d look at from a distance and secretly pity, coming across people with disability brings out the worst molly coddler in us all. Being aboard Tenacious gives you an opportunity to break down such barriers which are wrong and prevent people with disability from progressing.

Through the Leadership @ Sea Scheme I had the opportunity to work with people with disability, it gave me a new respect for a minority which struggle so hard in life to get something so simple as equality. Once aboard you are in much the same position as anyone with a disability and it’s a wonderful opportunity to work alongside them as equals which they so rightly deserve.