Kyle was a member of the Rifles, an infantry regiment within the British Army. During an overseas campaign, he was severely injured and nearly died from his injuries. Kyle found recovery difficult and struggled to come to terms with his new disabilities. He battled with depression and found social interaction difficult, becoming increasingly reclusive and isolated. As someone who had always been physically active, Kyle also found his new life limiting and lacking adventure.

A well informed friend recommended he joined  a voyage with the JST. Kyle summarises his experience as follows: “Sailing with the JST is a special experience, no matter what your disability. Everyone is classed the same whilst on board, so you feel like you have some self worth… it really increases your confidence. After I was shot, I didn’t like large groups of people but when you’re on a tall ship with 40 other people, with nowhere to go, you get to know everyone as you’re always together. I wouldn’t hesitate to go on board again and suggest it to everyone, especially those undergoing rehabilitation and adjusting to a life changing injury”.

Regimental Casualty Officer Lieutenant Colonel Mike Smith said: “We find sailing with the JST incredibly beneficial for young men and women who have been seriously injured during operations, who are spending a long time at home feeling isolated, losing their self-confidence, losing their ability to integrate socially. The Jubilee Sailing Trust addresses all of these issues.”