Voyages on board Tenacious challenge people to do things they never thought possible. The benefits of our work are pretty impressive. Since taking part in a voyage:

  • 95% of people say they are now able to express themselves more clearly and listen well to others
  • 93% feel that the experience has enhanced their belief in their own skills
  • 85% said they are able to achieve things they did not previously think possible and 
  • 71% of people say that the experience has improved their confidence in social situations.

We rely on donations to continue our work. Your support helps empower people to explore their ability and potential, whilst enabling us to raise awareness about the importance of a diverse and inclusive society.


"I came on my three-day trip when I’d been off work for over six months with severe depression (recently diagnosed as part of bipolar). I felt useless, hopeless. Being on Tenacious showed me things could change. It gave me hope. I realised I could work as a team, be valued for what I did, not who I was or what I’d done...Thanks so much for what you do. I think you saved my life."


Your donations have enabled over

people to sail with us since 1978.