TNS456 01/02/2016

After an early lunch on Sunday, forward port arrived on watch at 12.30 while the rest of the crew had lunch. For the first 20 minutes we were treated to the sight of dozens of whale blows and one displaying its fluke as it disappeared beneath the calm sea. As we neared the cove at the south end of Isla del Rey, we altered course to port towards our anchorage and Rowan managed to utter the immortal words “left hand down a bit”. Our inflatable boat was launched and Ben and Matt took soundings with a hand lead-line, ahead of the ship as the ship approached a small fishing village by the beach. We anchored in 10 metres of water 3 cables from land. The ship was quickly prepared for a swim over the side and steam arose as bodies hit the water in various styles. Dinner on deck consisted of shepherd’s pie made with a sweet potato mash. At 23.00 all the shore lights extinguished leaving just a couple of fishing boats visible.

First thing in the morning, 2 young lads paddled a dugout canoe to the ship and persuaded Ali the cook to buy some snapper they had just caught. A larger boat also arrived with two big fish which were also purchased for US$20. We ran boats from about 09.30. Some crew went for a swim, others for a walk and to talk with the locals, while others managed to find the only bar in town in true JST fashion. The bar sold coke, beer and rum. The local people took a great interest in the Ship and all her crew  This was a true beach landing, with a slight swell on the beach, so a soggy crew returned on board in time for lunch and we are now underway heading for Coiba.

Ted on behalf of FP.