Today is a lovely day for Olly’s 20th birthday !! Happy Birthday Olly.

The sun is in the sky and the clouds are nowhere to be seen, Portugal is to the port side of us and the sea is nice and calm too. So to start off this morning was a lovely breakfast, thanks to Ali & Phillipa. Then a happy, happy hour, cleaning the ship, followed by the best looking cake I’ve seen, Ollie’s Birthday Cake was a bed !…and it was the best flavour – CHOCOLATE.

As the sun got higher in the sky, all of us were sat out on the starboard side catch some rays, but that was all interrupted when we had to haul the sails in and that is the best bit for me, you have to work in teams, and sweat and pull in sequence, when that was done it was more of some of the best food there is to offer out at sea, we had mac cheese and pizza rapped up, with big bits of tomato, and lettuce, if you can’t tell it’s all about the food for me. But then it was the watch time, and in the nice sun shine we were all up there with time to spare. Who would not like to sit in the sun looking out for ships, boats, lobsterpots, birds, fishing ships, and all other manners of thing we could hit.

SO for the boat update we are going 7.7 Knots, the sails are away and we are using engines, because the wind is very low, but she did look lovely with all her sails up. I’m not too sure how much I am meant to write on this I think I’ve done too much but I hope you like reading this and understand how nice today is, and that Olly is having a very good birthday.

Phoebe Woodley Facer and Holly Wesley.