Forward Starboard Watch.

Well we’ve been racing for 33hours and have covered 131 miles. Sailing has been gentle but generally the wind has been kind and behind (SW) to help us gently progress up the channel. Last night was beautiful with the moon and stars, our position came in this morning as 6th in class so the captain called for the ‘spanker’ to be set from the mizzen mast and speed rose to 6 knots during today, and we were 4th by this evening. We wore ship twice and are now trying to stay high enough to the wind (now NW) to reach the line within the outer distance point. The beam from the lighthouse is within sight! There have been various thoughts of harnessing dolphins or mermaids to tow us faster, but we’ll wait to see what the wind has in store.

PS Cookies chocolate cake was delicious 🙂