Jolly ho!from the Starboard watch – Here is our story from 20:00 Tuesday 1st October.

Our watch consists of a fully stoked compliment of 9 persons, all happy and enjoying the journey so far.

We start the watch at the end of a tasty dinner of pork chops topped with Dijon mustard sauce followed by scrummy Tiramisu. With this tasty meal inside we looked keenly for the French coastline somewhere on the horizon.

We started our watch to find it wet, windy, and choppy so water proofs were donned, with a crew of bright yellow, we held the helm until midnight, a quiet first night ensued, despite being wet and cold, 07:30am wake up, with extra bacon today, and porridge for a few.

Blessed with only half an hour happy hour ( cleaning ) smoko is soon followed at 10:00.We are given a chat on tall ship sailing.

This included “wearing the ship” This is a procedure of turning the ship around with the wind coming from the stern Because plan A become plan B, due to light winds so we repeated bracing ( main to square ) ( foresail port to starboard ) to gain more speed.

Slowly we struggled to gain enough speed – so on came the engines and away went all sails.

Early Lunch followed ( Yum Yum ) soups, cheeses and hams – a hearty lunch for a hearty crew.

Watch commenced straight after, busy times followed – may I add that we are in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Well – we must go now, our watch to finish amongst some other jobs 🙂


JARED n IMOGEN – Forward Starboard Watch