With swells of 4-5 meters we had some crew affected by the motion, most especially your scribe. After 2 days of indisposition I managed to emerge today and am catching up on the news. I am informed that much of the voyage crew spent their time off watch in their bunks yesterday, except when needed for sail setting. According to my watch leader an especially large wave soaked the forward starboard watch, right over the poop deck, just as they were about to come off watch at midnight.

Today the weather has been variable with showers followed by sun. The wind is northerly, and we are running with the foremast braced to port, and main mast square. We had dolphins visiting this afternoon, and I have heard that a turtle was sighted off the stern. We have just had a very useful talk on sail setting given by the first mate, so we are all caught up on what we doing when set to haul the sails. And now I believe most of us are ready to appreciate supper.

Forward Starboard watch