TNS463 02/07/2016 – After three days alongside in Lautoka, Fiji TNS463 is finally underway. The
weather is perfect – 28 degrees with the wind from the SE. As the blog is a
few days behind, we can’t tell you everything so here is a bit from each of
us about our favourite parts from the last few days. Hi, I’m Lisa and I’ve
been lucky enough to spend a few days hiking in Fiji visiting villages
before joining this beautiful ship. We’ve had a slow start but it has been
great getting to know all the different faces on board. Peter reports;
setting off now, sailing through the outer reefs. Boiling surf on either
side of the narrow passage. Last evening spent at First Landing with
swimming and a lovely BBQ.

Seb- Lovely to be back on Tenacious, as its been a while. Highlights so far
– a cool drink in the heat after a refreshing dip & Micah’s cooking! Hannah;
a group of us spent yesterday afternoon at the Fijian mud pools which were
surprisingly nice! We went to a lovely beach BBQ for dinner, followed by
some cocktails and a trip to the Northern Club.

Terry: I arrived on Fiji two days before joining the ship. Highlights so
far: the  bus journey from Nadi up to Lauktoka. The locals are incredibly
friendly and chat to you all the time, however you can’t hear a thing as the
old bus engines are so loud. Lautoka itself isn’t really a tourist town, but
it does have beer if you prepared to look for it.

At present we are sailing along at about 7 knots with most of the main and
fore sails set. A few people are a little ill but Ronan our Medical Purser
is assuring everyone it will pass. We’ll be in touch again tomorrow