Our last morning at sea and what a treat from 09.10 for a good 20 minutes we all had a fantastic unmissable experience with the company of a pod of 8 or 9 pilot whales who were swimming in and around the ship and were very visible. I have never seen so many whales so close to the ship for so long. When they arrived Bruce the 2nd engineer was down in the forward pump and as the engines were off heard a high pitched sound it was the whales calling out. It was definitely a high for everyone. We handed sail late morning and got in the harbour stows in the afternoon before the pilot boarded at 16.30 ready to take us into Barcelona. The voyage crew had all enjoyed Ali’s cooking so much that they all ate on board before heading ashore to the bars.

4th Jan – Time to say a fond farewell to all the voyage crew, after a final Happy Hour and a debrief from Captain Darren. All in all a very enjoyable voyage.



Jo Medical Purser