Stormbound. We have spent the night in the  very pleasant harbour of Valle de Gran Rey, La Gomera. As we had neither a phone service or internet we were unable to receive the weather reports as usual. However, we had Spanish Rob to the rescue. He along with the Captain went along to the harbour office so the forecast could be translated. Obviously a few of us were slightly nervous as we knew we were in the hands of Rob’s English, which, he said, was not always perfect. On their return it was decided that we should stay in port for the day. So, entertainment was required. Anji who is a German voyage crew lives here in the Islands and is fluent in Spanish. Like Rob, her services were requested and off she went to sort out a coach to take us on a guided tour of the island. What a great success. We travelled around the national park of La Gomera. For those who have never visited it is a beautiful picturesque landscape. On one coach stop we looked across at the snow covered volcanic mountain of Teide on Tenerife. A magnificent scene. We arrived back at 6 o’clock all agreeing we had enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, Anji had excelled as our tour guide. In the evening we split, with some going out into the small town, and the others staying on board. For the latter a local live band joined us on deck for an enjoyable hours entertainment. Ending with them having a guided tour of our home.