Voyage crew for TNS430 all arrived nicely on time and it soon becamse clear that this was a very international crew with 8 different nationalities including the Brits, but most people speak good English so there is not much of a language problem.

After a short safety talk we were free to explore the delights of Las Palmas but as most people had had a pretty long day bed seemed the best option. Also contrary to what the Met Office predicted it was cold and cloudy with some light rain but still much warmer than the UK. Next day more safety briefings followed by the chance to climb aloft, then lunch and we were then ready to leave port. The sea did its best to upset the stomachs of some voyage crew but once the sails were up the ships motion steadied and so did peoples tummies. We headed south towards Puerto Rico at the south of the island and we enjoyed some late evening sunshine and a stunning sunset. At about 8.30pm we anchored off Puerto Rico with a scenic view of the cement works and anchor watches began for the night. Surprising we woke to a full moon in the west and a strange orange glowing thing rising in the East which we have been told is the Sun. After a wonderful breakfast, we had a Happy Half hour then raised the anchor and headed the short distance into Puerto Rico and much to the delight of us all – its really hot so gone are trousers and trainers, its now shorts and trainers. After lunch most of us are are going to Morgan a bit further down the coast as it is a much nicer place than here W/L s Mel & Jim