TNS456 03/02/2016

With all the muscle power we could gather under the fiery afternoon sun, we set the sails and headed towards Coiba Island.

Much to everyone’s excitement a pod of dolphins were sighted playing in the bow waves of the ship. In a display of magnificence one of them leapt 3 metres in to the air. This went down very well to the easily pleased audience.

After a beautiful red setting sun and dinner on deck, the cloudless sky gave way to an amazingly clear night, with sightings of Jupiter, the southern cross, the Milky Way, and then the crescent moon which rose like a smiley Cheshire cat at about 2am.

Today was a day spent at sea keeping the coastline of Panama just insight. In the afternoon a turtle was sighted on the starboard side, and as more and more delicious food appeared on deck, the curious sea gulls gathered. One particularly brave one flew straight in to a very taken aback crew member in an attempt to grab some of his dinner.

As the wind died down, sails were stowed  away before darkness descended. All crew members seemed much more in the know after an informed talk from Ali about sail setting.

Aft Starboard watch