TNS voyage 375

Joe’s Blog!

My first voyage with the JST onboard Tenacious began in London on a Friday afternoon. It was a fantastic start; as the ship motored down the Thames with a backdrop of the London cityscape the crew had our first drills including a first climb up the mast. Mast climbing is now my absolute favourite thing and I make sure I climb up at least once a day!

In the next few days more drills followed, where we learnt all about sail setting, watch keeping, and generally keeping the boat ship-shape and sea worthy. Hard work, but good fun! Throughout, it was incredible to learn and share our experiences with people with a range of physical abilities – a feature of the voyage which is facilitated impressively in the design and command of Tenacious.

Since leaving London we moored off Southend, had a short stay in Harlingen in the Netherlands, and despite a disappointing lack of sailng due to unfavourable winds, we will shortly arrive in Aarhus, Denmark. Our arrival will be particularly exciting as a great many Tallships from all over the world will also be assembling in Aarhus to mark the start of the 2013 Tallships races. For all of us onboard, this means lots of fun with parades, ship visits, and parties! I, for one, cannot wait!

Joe, 22, Colchester.

3rd of July.Tenacious web report

Good afternoon everybody! We set some square sails, but the wind was not strong enough to cut the engine. It was a beautiful sunny day with deep blue sky, some of the crew went aloft it was a little bit windy but very exciting. The Tenacious shop was open after dinner and lots of the crew bought souvenirs. On the evening watch the sun didn’t set till nearly midnight.This morning it had clouded over, we had the first site of the coast of Denmark and turned South to Aarhus. Mary Ann and Olga. Afternoon Watch