TNS463 03/07/16 – It’s day two at sea and we’re having a ball. We set sail yesterday after
lunch and have been sailing since, no need for any engines. Our average
speed is about 7 knots. Some whales were sighted off port bow yesterday
afternoon, we could see them blowing water into the sky and rolling onto
their sides, quite amazing sights. Two birds have been following us since we
left but they haven’t been sighted in the last few hours, maybe they got
homesick and returned to Fiji. This morning we learnt some knots from the
BMs after smoko. Fred The Fish lost a lure. We are currently steering a
course of 265 towards port villa and the ship is looking magnificent as she
cuts through the water with wind in her sails. Some of the crew are below
decks with sea sickness but they are getting better with time. Everyone is
slowly adjusting to routine and the mass amount of food we need to eat. We
had our first happy hour yesterday and we’re having another for those who
are well enough at 4pm. Something to look forward to!