03/08/15 TNS446

Today is the third day of our trip to St. Malo in Brittany, France. I had to be up for the 4am shift, I awoke early quite excited as I knew I would be steering the ship. It was an awesome task as I got to see the sun come up, and the beginning of a new day. By 10:30 the pilot had boarded, and was leading us up the narrow passage with rocks either side, at the entrance to the beautiful St. Malo. We went alongside in the lock whilst the water levels equalled and then the Captain took us into “Bassin Vauban” close to all the beautiful buildings of this stunning walled port city (once notorious for piracy), where we are now moored. Lots of people were watching as we came into dock and taking pictures of Tenacious. Having had lunch it’s now time to stow sails, and then ashore… to explore and relax!