Hello to all you JST supporters out there.

I am on board Tenacious at dock gate 4 in Southampton, and it is glorious hot sunshine still!

I am reliably (?) informed that Tenacious won the ship against ship sailing race…. But that Lord Nelson won on time?! Clear as mud then. What is evident is that it was great fun, and that with the weather being so fantastic, everyone had a really great time.

Both ships are now alongside, but a distance apart at present. Tomorrow, and Sunday, Tenacious welcomes day sailors on board, and both the days are well booked, so it should be a good experience for new and return customers. The food has arrived in large amounts, and the ship is clean and tidy again, ready to go.

We will let you know how the weekend goes, and fingers crossed that we dodge some of the forecasted rain!


Relief Medical Purser