Hello again from Forward Aft Watch.

We had a happy week steaming up the Atlantic, as could not sail into the north east trade winds, so lots of rest, food and chat for a happy week with no complaints, then suddenly it all began to happen due west of Cabo San Vicente (nobly, nobly Cape St. Vincent) we braced the yard, climbed the masts, let go the gaskets, and then lots of 2-6 heave to get some of our ten square sails up. Having been steaming (not quite literally!) at 5-6 knots, suddenly we were doing 6-7.5 – that is what it’s all about! And we had SUN!

We picked up the Pilot 2nd march, a charming man by the name of Miguel Angel, or Michelangelo, who has been doing this job for 26 years, and there followed a beautiful trip up the river. He has just visited the ship with his 20-year old daughter, and we had two Spanish sea captains visiting this morning who had built a replicate ancient boat Noa Victoria, which circumnavigated the world in 2004/5/6. Miguel Angel told us that he was with Fyffes banana boats for several years, going to Southampton and then to Newhaven, which was much smaller and less expensive, and calling in at Cowes on their way back!

Tonight is our night ashore for Watches. Seville is a glorious city, which I hope to have time to explore a bit tomorrow, as I’ve been tied up with Pete, my amazing friend in a wheelchair, and with chatting up all these charming people, being the only person who speaks Spanish. This morning I spent about an hour with two young journalists from the Correo de Andalucia, doing an interview and showing them the ship. Already some of the new permanent crew are arriving, so we shall have a full house. I wonder if I shall be able to do the Azores voyage, as am longing to visit those islands.

Best wishes, Chimpy