We’re off! After three days in steamy Puntarenas we’re heading out into the Pacific.  After a few days of maintenance the voyage crew joined on 29th February. We have people from all over – Canadians, Americans, Australians, a New Zealander and Uruguayan and of course the UK.  A good multi-national mix of abilities and ages from 18 to 75.

Tenacious was berthed on a long pier about 5 minutes’ walk from the beach – perfect for a cooling swim at the end of the day, The town itself is full of character which means slightly run down with lots of sailor friendly bars, all of which seem to have perfect wifi.

For the last 3 days we’ve been preparing for our long voyage, settling into our watches, learning about ropes and sails and going aloft. We also loaded an enormous quantity of stores most of which seemed to be cartons of juice.

The whole crew formed a chain from the trucks and spent a hot few hours transferring what seemed like the contents of an entire supermarket into various parts of the ship including the few spare bunks when we ran out of space.  No shops for the next two months so if we haven’t got it we’ll be doing without.  Good news that we had double the amount of ice cream delivered to that ordered.

As we head out into the Pacific there is a great atmosphere on board, everyone has settled in well and we are excited about the voyage ahead. The temperature is still 29 degrees at 2100 as we make our way to the ocean but this already feels cooler than the 30 plus days of Puntarenas. We are now headed to Cocos Island, a rarely visited and uninhabited island about 300 miles SW of Puntarenas. This is an amazing island with over 150 unique species of animals – the Galapagos of Costa Rica. We will write more of this fascinating island in future blogs. In the meantime greetings from all aboard Tenacious.

Aft Starboard.