TNS463 04/07/16 –  Happy 4th from the 6 Americans on board and the 3 currently on watch duty
(Bridget, Mark and Matt–Darlene is on mess duty)!! This morning we awoke to
Nate from New York pledging allegiance to the flag and all got treated to a
traditional lunch of hamburgers and potato salad thanks to the cook.
Divided by country but brought together for an adventure to sail across the
Pacific like so many of our ocean-crossing ancestors. Inspired by shared
stories-especially by Stan the man (the 85 year old Dentist from San
Francisco with a lifetime of stories and Leeuwin our youngest sailor of just
16 heading back home to Sydney).
Everyone on watch duty gets a chance to take the helm of this amazing
beauty.  We are all loving the ships daily routine from wakeup calls to all
the yummy meals and smoko breaks with fresh baked goodies. Down below is
like sleeping in a washing machine from the rough waters with some getting
seasick and others rocked to sleep like a baby.
Ahoy from AFT Port watch–Our wonderful watch leader Dick, The lovely
Lucilla, The Big Monty, The organized Rowena, The happy Scot Lucy, The
knowledgable Mike and of course the 4 Americans 😉