TNS446 04/08/15

We have caused quite a stir in St Malo as many have come to see our tall ship and take photos, and stand to watch the assisted climbs this morning, with wheelchairs hoisted aloft, and ropes on harnesses for those climbing, and returning to deck to a round of applause, or watch Captain Barbara climb to the top for a sail repair.  Anne from Forward Starboard watch asked for a tour of the engine room. “I was expecting it to be very small, I thought I was sitting over a fairy tale space, instead of which I discovered great tanks of diesel fuel under the bunks which was a bit of a shock! The fire and safety briefs now make complete sense!”

So much to see and do in beautiful St. Malo, wander from sandy beach to sandy beach along this stunning coastline, stopping at cafes to watch the world go by, braving an outdoor swim in one of the sea pools, visiting one of the castles liberally sprinkled on the tiny surrounding tidal islands…. if you know the tides, as Ali the mate did this afternoon, finally taking a well-deserved break. Some had a wander around the Marinas looking at the many boats, some visited the ruined mediaeval cathedral at Ile Cite, or took a tour of Cap Horn Museum with all the fascinating early rounding’s of Cape horn. It was pleasant to roam through the beautiful old city and then take your pick of the great seafood restaurants. A lively time for Nik here, with a mast climb, an interview on the Liverpool City Talk 105.9 Pete Price Show to chat about his adventures, and quality time ashore with his watch leader.