Voy 385

Hi this is Josh, it’s been an eventful day leaving Cherbourg, and climbing the mast of the ship, and helping with the lines as the ship left Her moorings .

Owing to a bad weather forecast of strong winds our departure time was changed from 7:00am to 19:00 pm This gave us time to climb the mast while still in dock and also to replenish our stocks of diet coke and Haribo gums Caidee and I climbed to the top of the mast which is the highest point of the ship, everyone was proud of us for reaching the top of the mast and we were proud of ourselves Caidee says it was one of the most scary things she has done and it was easier coming down. The views over Cherbourg and the horizon were amazing The time came to leave and the pilot came on board to help us on our departure.

Once out into the open sea he re-joined his craft with a loud applause from the crew of Tenacious as he jumped safely from the ship to his craft.

The yards were braced as we set off motoring under a clear night with many stars

Josh from forward port and Caidee from forward starboard

Jonesy says a big thanks to all of his watch and Keith and Kate for making it so special.