TNS454 04/12/15

It’s Friday and we are now on the Dog Watch 4-6 p.m.  Richard’s best team are adamant that we will reach the 3,000 milestone during this late afternoon.

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that we had a new arrival on board i.e. Eric the Egret.  It would seem that he has made himself at home on Tenacious this last day or so.  His family of 7 other egrets tried to convince him yesterday that it was time to go home and all was forgiven. All their efforts throughout the day did nothing to change his mind. He, therefore, did not take the hint and has remained on board.

The ‘Murder Mystery’ game is well underway. I am given to understand that there are very few of us alive so we will carefully await the outcome. My opinion is that there has been some cheating along the way an example of which is that most people that were on watch on the Bridge met their deaths pretty quickly.

Our quiz should be well underway this evening and I hope to be announcing the champion winning team tomorrow.

That’s all for now.