TNS474, Tall Ships Victoria Bass Straits Cruise, 1-7/12/2016


A quiet day during the Tall Ships Victoria Bass Strait cruise. Square sails set on the fore and main masts and a 10kt NE wind are moving us gradually to the west as we wait for action! Action we got in the shape of a plague of flies which arrived around lunch-time, apparently – reassuringly – they’ve came on the northerly wind and are not emanating from some secret hatchery on the ship. A forecast of 30kt westerly winds has us expecting a change of course to take us downwind to an anchorage on the east coast of King Island……and hopefully good-bye to the flies (unless of course they have the “tenacity” to hang on at that wind speed….apologies.)  This should be a good place to see wild life, under the guidance of our marine scientists from the University of Melbourne.

Albatross flying low over the water have been great to watch this afternoon and a couple of seals gave us a wave as they passed. At 1500 we were becalmed and at 1630 we braced the yards in anticipation of the NW winds. The winds were gusty in the evening and Captain Barbara warned us to expect 30 knot Westerly winds and to make sure we use our lee cloths on our bunks tonight as the ship will roll.