Tenacious has been alongside in Palma for the past week, undertaking maintenance.  The weather was rather cold and wet the first few days and then very windy, something like the north of England is currently getting, but not as bad as up in Scotland!  The last few days, however, have been wonderful, light airs, bright sunshine and hot.  We’ve got a lot of work done on deck and aloft, and we’ve worked on the topsides and the half-round and even on the chain plates – the bane of the Mate’s life as I keep mentioning “rust runs”.  The port deck lift has received further attention and there’s all the usual planned maintenance of ship’s equipment too – engineering, safety and firefighting gear, the fridges and freezers etc.

The framework for the new spin dryer is nearly ready and Tony hopes to have it all installed and working by the time the ship sails.  Some thorough cleaning, some paint and varnish work and of course, Cookie’s been feeding us every day too.  The next VC join on Sunday afternoon and then we’re off on Monday. Hmm, suppose I’d better have a look at where we’re going….