TNS463 05/07/2016 – Right, a wee little report about our calm, sunny and smooth journey across
the whale-filled ocean towards Vanuatu.
In the old days, this country was called the New Hebrides, but at the
moment, the sea temperature of 25 degrees tells us that we really are far
from Scotland, bless her!
We hope to be in Port Vila by the evening and all being well, will linger
for two days of pleasure. After all, we have tried to work very hard on the
ship to keep her spruced up and attractive to the outsider’s eye.
With the wind dropping slightly, we have now set most of the sails to ensure
that we keep our speed up. Lots of adventure awaits us when we leave Port
Vila to hit the road to  New Caledonia with its French atmosphere and
shopping for our stores. Micah and Philippa, our valiant cooks as usual
deserve our profound thanks for all they do but the list could go on to
include the engineers on whom we all rely.
Fwd Stbd Robin (W/L), Kathryn, Tami, David, Alice, Jimbo, James, Brian,
Louise (on mess) and Tracey