TNS 385 day 6

Aft Port reporting. Yesterday saw us finally escaping the clutches of Cherbourg’s boulangeries and bars, staggering back onto Tenacious laden with pastries, cheeses and the odd bottle of wine and beer. With the sails stowed ahead of bad weather, we motored out of Cherbourg in the dark which enabled the crew to close their eyes and pray that the narrow basin entrance missed the ship without anybody noticing.

Dawn on our last full day broke to the welcome sight of the Isle of Wight off our port side and after the declaration of National Hug the Bosun Day we set sail towards Southampton. Then we promptly gave up on the sailing stuff and motored the rest of the way as the wind was as cooperative as a teenager at happy hour. Damien helmed us in. Then out. Then in – as we repositioned to a berth more suitable for the JST anniversary party. Such dedication to duty was duly rewarded with a second hug from the lovely Rowan, our lovely Bosun. Tune in tomorrow to find out just how badly hung-over the voyage crew become after the party… Regards from Aft Port – the lovely Suzanne (watch leader), Corey, the lovely Gemma, Tony, Dermot, David, Jeff and Damien. PS.

The permanent crew on this voyage have been utterly brilliant. Take a bow Captain Simon, 1st mate Richard, 2nd mate Josh, Bosun (the lovely) Rowan, Medical purser the lovely Carol, Engineers Gary and Shiny, Bosuns Mates Godfrey, Chris and the lovely Ashleigh, Cook Micah and Cook’s Assistant the lovely Philippa. You all rule.