TNS454 05/12/15

We are now on day 30 on this epic journey and under sail. Dependant on wind conditions we may have to resort to motoring in the coming days; the wind has been dropping but still blows in the right direction. The awaited Quiz event took place last night. Close call and the winning team was Rough Tooted and Minke (whale and dolphin reference). And second place were ‘Lee and the Jamestown Boys’ equal with Nich’s Desperados. First prize to the winning team was a bottle of roses followed by a bottle of wine
for runners up. It was a grand effort by all teams and great team spirit. A very big thank you to Baby James for putting this together for us. For those who are interested I am pleased to report that Eric the Egret is still with us. I know there are a few of you that have other plans for him. Beware. Other news – The James Whale trial, on chocolate related charges is soon to
be underway so that is something not to be missed. The Save the Whale campaign has gathered support over the last few hours  and the defence team are much more optimistic.