After some excellent manoeuvring of the ship we headed out of Puerto Rico to set sail westwards. Slow progress at first until we came out of the wind shadow of the island into the acceleration zone. These are zones between the islands where the wind is funnelled through and wind speeds increase. A few more green faces but everyone seems to be ok now after a knot tying session and everyone turned out for the hearty stew supper made by cookie Micah.

After a quiet-ish night at sea today began with an interesting and illustrated talk by Mate Ali on the setting of sails and different ships’ rigs. We succumbed to temptation and ate far too many brownies at morning smoko before putting our energy and new knowledge to good use by setting some more sails to take advantage of the increasing wind.

In the last hour, we have put Jan in a wheelchair so he can discover what it is like to move around the whole ship at a tilt. We have also seen at least one pod of Risso’s dolphins and have the island of La Gomera insight (even if we aren’t going straight there).

Signing off for afternoon smoko, Aft Starboard. ‘M’, Jan, Caroline, Jos, Chris, Monta and Jim.