Day 2 in Seville, and what a beautiful place to be in, the sun is shining again. Not a cloud in the sky, many people in just in shorts and t shirts. Many of us have gone into the town to see the magnificent cathedral; others have gone to the aquarium to see the bull sharks. We hope to move tonight when the Spanish open the road bridge that we cannot get under while closed, they only open it about three times a week; we will tie up again until about then off down the river, where I have been told that there are flamingos, and storks nesting. While tied up today a lot of us had the chance to climb up the mast which was great fun, anyway that’s all for the time being as mess duty has just started and we cannot delay dinner. Regards to all… from Tony, Alan, Paul, Craig, Elizabeth, Michael, Ingrid, Taz and Ellie on the Aft Port Watch.