TNS460 06/05/2016

Leaving Tahiti

At sea at last – a full ship with most of us over jet lag and having enjoyed
the variable weather and beautiful scenery of Tahiti and Moor’ea – the
latter being particularly stunning both under the water and in the
mountains. Yesterday we loaded stores in the sun so had to return to the
Bora Bora Bar where most of the drinking was related to their internet
connection availability!! However last night there was a stunning acoustic
guitar and flute playing and Tracey (Cooks ass with yellow hands from
peeling all the turmeric) introduced us to a fab new cocktail Don
Tiki!! Tahiti had a bank holiday and apparently today (Friday) should be
back at work but most stores don’t bother and take the whole 4 days off.
Back to today with an early start, moving the ship to bunkering spot
followed by sailing past Moor’ea. Lots of bracing practice and now all
learning for the first time or revising all the watch tasks – helming, look
out and doing the log. No rain which is a new concept as it has been
frequent and heavy but dolphins seen and perhaps a whale …and we can stil
see Tahiti. Bora Bora here we come!!

Ruth; Michelle; Michelle; Lesley; Mislav; Mike; Steve; Jimbo; Terry & Matt F/P (the best) Watch.