Day 2 started with numerous visitors watching from the shore as we finalised our Evacuation Drill (in less than 6 minutes) and then started our Hands Aloft. Plenty of voyage crew from all watches climbed to the first platform and then out onto the Yards. After Smoko, we learnt the art of rope hauling and tying off before being allowed ashore for a few minutes.

After lunch we got the ship ready for departure which finally came at 15:15 and we joined in the Parade of Sail. There was much clapping and cheering from the thousands of people who had come along to see us all off. We then motor sailed away from Harlingen in the narrow channel towards our start line, about 70 nm from Harlingen. Frequent squalls during the day have not dampened our spirits and we are all looking forward to the start of the race tomorrow at 12 noon.