Today is day 1 of our trip.

The voyage crew arrived at 16.00 hrs, often after long days that have involved trips to the airport, flights and then taxi, or tram rides to join the ship. We were given a very friendly and warm welcome by the First Officer, Richard and the Watch leaders. In quick succession we were allocated bunks, had a briefing from the Captain, Darren, and the other ships officers. This including the First officer, Pete the Chief Engineer, the medical Purser – Carol. Wet weather gear and harnesses were issued and then dinner at seven. After dinner there was a chance to relax, meet other members of the Voyage Crew and have a drink.

For the old hands, who have sailed before, everything is familiar, but for us new hands there is much to learn but we are being guided by our Watch leaders and the old hands. The Permanent Crew and the Watch leaders were already on the ship, the Watch leaders having joined yesterday. They spent the day loading stores, preparing for the Voyage Crew to arrive and doing essential preparation work.

The Captain gave a friendly and informative briefing, demonstrating on a chart where the ship is going and the places we may stop at, depending on the weather and wind direction and speed.Tomorrow morning, it’s breakfast at 08.00 then further safety briefings before leaving Lisbon at lunch time.

Possible ports of call on route are, Cadiz or Gibraltar,Kartaghena, and then anchoring overnight in the Balearics before arriving at our destination, Palma. But it all depends on the weather! The first watch of the voyage in the 22.00 to 24.00 harbour watch, where two of us keep guard to make sure the mooring lines and fenders are ok, and to stop any unauthorised people, including drunks from boarding the ship.

The weather is calm, dry and much warmer than the UK., thank goodness! Everyone is looking forward with anticipation to tomorrow and the adventure which lies ahead. But for now it’s off to my bunk for some much need sleep.

Aft Port Luke and Peter