TNS454 06/12/15

There is not too much to report other than Eric the Egret has now made his departure. Let’s hope he finds his way home. I believe he left on a full stomach. Captain held a meeting for us all this morning mainly outlining one or two changes with regard to ‘watches’. We were all in agreement. He also mentioned that it was most likely that we would be making a stop in Guadeloupe around Xmas Eve and leaving on Boxing Day. Also, it may well be that we will make a short stop in between but that will be confirmed nearer the time. Everyone is now interested in the wind speed and direction.

The James Whale Trial

Having been brought up on charges for the hoarding and excessive consumption of chocolate James Whale today stood trial in front of a kangaroo court led by the right Honourable Judge Crabtree. The jury was shown irrefutable evidence of the plaintiffs guilt by Master Flogger demonstrating his hoarding and gross consumption of cocoa solids. In desperation the defence sought to refute the evidence claiming that much of it was planted or photoshopped. With a lack of credible witnesses and substantial bribery by the defence (in the form of chocolate) the jury voted unanimously for a ‘not guilty’ verdict. His lordship, the Right Honourable Judge Crabtree then attempted to harang the court and to direct the trial to sentencing despite the verdict by his peers. In lieu of this the judge was removed from the court room and the entire case was thrown out of court. James then went on to celebrate his release from custody by consuming chocolate along with the jury.