After a calm night sailing slowly between Gran Canaria and La Gomera we make our way into Puerto De Vueltos. This is an old fishing village backed by high red cliffs with one of the most spectacular settings in the islands.

We come alongside the fairly new breakwater within easy walking distance of the town. A different vibe and tourists here from the other islands. Quiet and slow-paced; a mixture of walkers and hippies line the key to watch us tie up. These are typical.

In the afternoon the voyage crew join a tour of the island. A fabulous five hour introduction to Gomera. Our coach climbs up the steep and very windy road at the side of the valley Gran Rey that leads down to Vueltas and up into from the warm coast to the cool and mist shrouded mountains and dripping forests more reminiscent of Canada than the Canaries. We spend a wonderful afternoon enjoying the breath-taking landscapes of the islands brought to life by the commentary of our knowledgeable guide Connie. As we drive back to the ship through the small port Connie recommends some particularly fine restaurants and that is where we spend the rest of a memorable day. Aft Port