Forward port watch.

Jeff, Pat, Peter, Jess, Peter, Martin and Liam.

Day 5 middle watch midnight till four am.

It is a very clear night with lots of stars. Today started over cast with some fog we did some sail setting on the main and fore mast and the leadership at sea members then did some work attaching, hoisting and lowering the inner jib. Brightened up in the afternoon with a lot of sunshine – still hardly any wind so have been motoring up the coast. Dolphins, jellyfish and there were some Portuguese man of war cabbages sighted over the port bow. Also Dan, Jess and Ben had to eat their dinner blindfolded which was no easy task.

Monday: Off Portugal all sail set on foremast and 4 sails set on main. Making all of 2 knots through a slight sea but constant Atlantic swell. Plenty of sun and legs out in shorts. Cracking food. Heading for Porto de Leixoes – Julia

Just to finish a quick message from the Australia British Tall ships award winner Sam.

“Hey everyone all is going awesome on this edition of the tall ships award so far I am having an epic time and learning heaps of new skills and making many new friends!!! Tenacious is an incredible ship and I am looking forward to the rest of the voyage. To finish a quick shout out to the Jubilee Sailing Trust, Australia British Society, ASTO, Young Endeavour Youth Scheme and AUSTA who have all made this voyage possible.”

AS Watch.

Over and out Julia and Sam