07/06/15 TNS439

Hi my name is Callum. I am 17 and from a little town called Totton. Following from yesterday’s log by Mike, as he missed my talk, myself, Jack and Amanda had to do a presentation as part of the criteria in the leadership at sea course we are doing. The presentation was about putting the Course sail on the mast, Bosun Tom who was kind enough to give us a chance, told us to go away and find out information about the task in hand, and come up with a theory about it, and then we would put up the sail. So when we arrived in Cherbourg, France some of the crew, and the three of us, went up the rigging and put up the sail. Long story short it took 4 hours to do, and all of us were very tired at the end. When we arrived in off the coast of Arromanche , near to ’Gold beach’ we talked about what we did in front of the whole ships company (those who were in the lower mess). The three of us kept on getting comments on how well we did. Now for today’s action! We were anchored off ‘Gold beach’ for the whole of last night. Aft Starboard watch had the 00:00 till 04:00 watch, split into two hours, so at 02:00 I arrived on deck with sleepy dust in my eyes. There were a few moments where we thought we may have to call the duty officer however, that wasn’t needed. I woke up the next watch at 04:00 and then went back off to bed to sleep in till 07:50. 10 mins till food! I had my normal porridge with brown sugar (may I just say best combo ever!). Whilst I was in the land of the sleep they had pulled up the anchor and we were on our way to Caen. The ship was loaded with UK flags… UK, Scottish, Welsh, and the French and we waved them to all on the canal sides. Traveling up the canal we passed the Pegasus Bridge (it was amazing!). Now we are docked in CAEN! (Star Trek reference) and I’m on my way out with some of my new found mates. I just want to say something to the people who know me at home: I’m alive, well, and a tad red. I miss you all and I hope you are all well, I will see you soon.

Thanks Callum Aft Starboard Watch