Day one on Tenacious. When we first arrived, we were shown to our bunks – a little cosy if you’re tall, before being called to our ships briefing awaiting the all important dinner at 6pm. After dinner we were given more time to unpack, before being allowed on “shore leave” until 11pm.

Some of us have already experienced the joys midnight watch, and woke up sleepy this morning – in fact I’m pretty sure some of us are yet to wake up!

At 8:00am we were summoned down to lower mess for breakfast and then called to our watch meetings in preparation for setting sail. Going aloft was exhilarating and the view from the platform was great, the only downside was we missed first pick of the biscuits at breaktime!

We set sail from Aarhus at around 12:30, and after a slow start we were soon cruising along on the water, enjoying the sunshine we are taking lots of pictures along the way.

Aft Port – WL Mona, Alice, Fiona….