Good Morning from a sunny warm and slightly humid Vanuatu. We arrived here
in this beautiful anchorage in Port Villa late on the night of the 5th. Once
the anchor was down we set our weary heads down and had a very peaceful
sleep in our non-listing beds which have been at about 20-30 degrees to
starboard for the past 5 days or so. We awoke on the morning of the 6th to a
dry warm day with a very scenic view from our port holes. Around us, is 10
or 12 small boats with a very green landscape behind them, lots of big
tropical trees, bushes and of course the standard Palms! We quickly downed
our breakfast before loading up the Rib and DOTI bound for the closest
pontoon which, happened to have a bar attached! Many of the voyage crew went
an explored the local markets where, I’m told, sells everything from
flip-flops to mangos! In the evening everyone was collected again and
ferried back to the ship. We all enjoyed the sight of seeing Tenacious in
the distant bay being prominent amongst smaller vessels. A curry was ready
and waiting once we got back on board from Micah, our cook, followed swiftly
by a large gathering in the bar where we all attempted to put a small dint
in the mass supply of Fiji Gold bitter! As I write now, the ship is quiet as
the voyage crew have, once again, gone ashore! In about an hour I intend to
join them and possibly test their local beer and have a little snorkel, it’s
a tough job!

From all on board, have a lovely day. We will!

Medical Purser