TNS454 06/11/15

Day 2 – It’s raining, it’s pouring, but the Tenacious crew are happy and raring to go (and no one so far has bumped their head). The day started with a sail setting talk given by Fliss, the Mate. It was full of long words and terminology that, if we don’t know now, the voyage crew will be familiar with by the end of 55 days.

Then, thanks to needing to run the engine for tests, and some rather terrible weather, it was decided to move berths. So, with the linesmen freshly trained and looking like a team of Captain Birds Eyes in their yellows, we set off in to the harbour. It was a short and rain filled trip, but we made it back to berth 46 safely. A great taste of the cold and rain that is to come in the next two weeks!