TNS454 07/12/15

A very Happy Birthday to David today from all of us on Tenacious.  I believe so far his day has been quite eventful.  It would be rude to quote his age and I hope I look as young as he does when I catch up with him.

I can say that it was a pretty active afternoon . The girls/ladies decided to venture into having a salt water bath. Persons concerned were Clare, Sami, Ruth proceeded by Rosemarie and Sue.  I think two of the male companions thought to themselves why should it be an all-female thing so we had Birthday Boy, David, then Nate, followed by Jez joining in the fun.  A rather noisy bunch and I believe it was a very cooling session for all concerned.

Anna is pursuing a new career cutting hair. Results have been very professional although quite radical in some cases.

A reminder to all that the Sods Opera takes place this coming Saturday. Please ensure that all your teams are doing their bit to participate in this event.

That’s all for now.