TNS455 08/01/16

It’s a huge Caribbean hello from the ‘A’ Team, the Aft Starboard Watch. Yesterday, Montserrat was the star act looming menacingly to starboard. Three mighty peaks, shrouded in clouds spiralling high into the sky, giving glimpses of its dramatic volcanic past. Wonderful as the sun set around it. Today began really well with Smoko (that’s tea break to you land lubbers) with Hammie, the cook presenting the most amazing cherry flapjacks. All the better to keep us sustained for a long day as we are on the 20.00 to midnight watch. And an action packed watch it was! Having made good sailing under all ten square sails, we began to slow and adjustments were needed. Can you imagine the magnificence of unfurling a jib sail with a gentle swell
and the company of millions of stars set against a clear black velvet sky like twinkling diamonds.  Can you beat it? And we still haven’t used the engines yet. And the icing on the cake? How about dolphins swimming with the ship. We couldn’t see them but we could hear them calling.  At least we think it was dolphins – or a pair of stray cats…take your pick? That’s about it from us.