Having motored through the night and put around a hundred miles distance between us and Barcelona, today began with the usual routine of breakfast and happy hour. With the weak winds of the morning forecast to improve slightly later, all hands were soon busy pulling bits of string, imagining ourselves yanking on the tentacles of a” giant octopus weather god” to provoke a bellow of favourable wind. Amazingly, this worked and the sails were soon billowing with purpose and at one point we approached the heady speed of 5.6 knots. We are cutting across the bottom of the Bay of Lions, heading vaguely towards Toulon on the French coast, with a possible stop at Nice on the cards for tomorrow or the day after.

Wildlife spotted during the day included a trio of dolphins and a couple of whales, the latter keeping their distance while the dolphins cavorted around the bow during fire drill. The presence of these smiling mammals was much appreciated by the crew, particularly those scared of more evil fish.

Forward Port – the lovely Alex, Chris, Damien, watch leader Grahame, the lovely Marion, Michael and Tom.