We woke up after an interesting night of harbour watch, fender screeching and the engineer’s alarm. All still alive. Good breakfast and then assisted climbs on main and fore masts. Daredevil Diana in her wheelchair waved the flag for the Latvian contingent while her mother and buddy watched nervously from the deck. Then it was “M”‘s attempted striptease. Her shoe fell off half way up….to everyone’s dismay. All was not lost, however, as said shoe avoided the ocean and managed to wedge itself on the deck. It was retrieved and then held on with gaffer tape in order to complete the climb. “M”‘s pirouette on descent was a sight to behold and she was presented with Mika’s chocolate brownie recipe as a reward, as well as a large round of applause. Annie, with the help of the regular two six heave, climbed the main mast. Her husband, Les, is in disgrace as his camera battery was flat but Ian came to the rescue with a shot of the historic first time event. All now well and heading NNE to La Palma.

Forward Starboard watch: John,Annie,Les, Vojta,Krystof,Val and Chris B.